Service Desk

Service Desk

In today’s fast-paced digital business landscape, having access to prompt and skilled IT support is fundamental for keeping both internal and external users productive. However, maintaining an efficient in-house service desk function poses challenges for most companies. Wincore alleviates these technology support burdens through our flexible managed Service Desk, which is delivered by IT experts who become an extension of clients’ teams.

Overcoming Common In-House Service Desk Limitations

Most companies find it hard to create good in-house help desks that meet all their employees’ needs. There are usually problems like inconsistent ways of doing things, important information trapped in different departments that don’t share data, staff quitting such knowledge getting lost, and gaps in what the remaining staff knows. With all these issues, those running the IT department struggle to understand what users experience and how to improve their services.

Wincore aims to solve these common challenges with outsourced help desks by carefully matching up the right people, standardizing clear processes across the organization, and using technology efficiently.

Wincore's Robust Service Desk Capabilities

Incident Management

We troubleshoot problems across hardware/software, provide fixes for faulty configurations, and resolve access issues to restore functionality swiftly.

Service Request Fulfillment

Agents handle password resets, email migrations, new user setups, device provisions, access request approvals, and other standard requests.

Change and Release Management

Wincore specialists plan, test, and execute changes like upgrades, cloud migrations, patches, and new app rollouts with minimal disruption.

IT Asset Management

We maintain a centralized CMDB documenting relationships, assignments, statuses of devices, licenses, cloud subscriptions, and other assets.

Knowledge Management

Our team creates and manages a searchable wiki-style knowledge base with support articles so users can self-serve for common issues.

Security and Compliance Assistance

Agents help users with security topics like multi-factor authentication, password best practices, suspicious email reporting, and other protocols.

Ongoing Service Improvements

We continually analyze incident types, resolutions, and user feedback to identify opportunities for better knowledge articles, tech enhancements, process changes, and user experiences.

Flexible Support Tiers

Wincore offers service desk plans based on hours needed per user/month. The helpdesk seamlessly scales to match changing workforce size and support needs.

Why Choose Wincore's Services?

Local Accountability

As a homegrown provider serving the Tri-City area for a number of years, no one understands regional businesses better than Wincore. Our clients benefit from direct access to skilled technicians rather than overseas call centers.

Superior Incident Resolution

With broad technology expertise and insights into clients' unique environments, Wincore agents deliver exceptional first-call resolution rates for reduced downtimes.

Enhanced End User Focus

With Wincore providing reliable IT support, clients can better focus internal technical teams on more strategic efforts rather than fighting daily fires.

Improved Experiences

With skilled US-based agents intimately familiar with each client's systems and users, support interactions are highly personalized, frictionless, and effective.

Boosted Productivity

With prompt issue resolution and overall enhancement of technical support services, Wincore alleviates frustration for end users so they can maximize productivity.

For a service desk that delivers satisfied users, lower downtimes, superior IT experiences, and offloaded support burdens, partner with Wincore − the Tri-City area’s trusted managed services provider.