Managed Infrastructure

Managed Infrastructure

For modern businesses, it is imperative to have a high-performing IT infrastructure that adapts to evolving needs. However, servers and security schemes take considerable resources for most companies managing complex on-premise networks. Wincore offers comprehensive Managed Infrastructure services aimed at optimizing clients’ technology so they can gain a competitive advantage.

The Challenges of Managing In-House Infrastructure

With continuous hardware/software updates and the complexities of implementing security patches, many businesses struggle to stay on top of managing infrastructure internally. Lacking skilled IT staff can result in outdated systems, expensive downtimes, vulnerability to data loss, and cyber threats. Wincore’s managed services mitigate these risks through offloaded infrastructure administration.

Wincore's Managed Infrastructure Offerings

Server Management

We handle OS/software upgrades, security updates, performance tuning, troubleshooting, and day-to-day administration for on-premise and cloud-based servers. Right-sized optimization for changing workloads prevents over or under-provisioning.

Data Protection & Backup

Wincore implements on-premise and cloud-based backup/recovery systems aligned to your retention policies, with failover mechanisms to prevent disruption. Our experts regularly verify recovery processes and provide ongoing monitoring.

Network Optimization

We design solutions for boosted speed, low latency, security, and uptime by assessing network topology, traffic patterns, and connectivity needs. Management covers routing, switching, WiFi, SD-WAN, load balancing, and more.

Security Hardening & Compliance

Wincore audits and hardens infrastructure security with technologies like next-gen firewalls, endpoint protection, SIEM solutions, access controls, and intrusion prevention. We ensure compliance with protocols like HIPAA and PCI DSS through checks at both the technology and policy levels.

Helpdesk & Technical Support

Our team of infrastructure experts is available 24/7 to troubleshoot problems, minimize downtimes, and keep you running smoothly. We provide phone, email, chat, ticketing support, and emergency remote assistance.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Robust monitoring tools provide complete visibility into the entire infrastructure's health, performance, and availability. Wincore experts analyze usage trends to forecast capacity needs, identify anomalies, and prevent problems before they impact productivity.

Cloud Integrations

We design hybrid cloud solutions that allow seamless failover and movement of workloads between private and public cloud platforms based on costs, compliance, and other needs.

Strategic Technology Reviews

Wincore's consultants stay updated on infrastructure innovations and periodically review solutions to identify better, more secure, and cost-effective platforms and architectures. We provide actionable modernization roadmaps tailored to each client's objectives.

Why Choose Wincore?

With skilled engineers, partnerships with vendors like Cisco, Dell, Microsoft, and processes honed over the years, Wincore has an outstanding track record for managed services. We invest time upfront to understand each client's infrastructure intricacies before designing solutions that balance security, stability, and scalability. Our local ownership translates to unmatched responsiveness and cost efficiency for Tri-City area businesses.

As infrastructure needs evolve, Wincore proactively identifies ways to get more ROI from IT investments while bulletproofing operations. With robust infrastructure management off your plate, redirect focus toward gaining a competitive advantage.

For optimized, secure, and agile infrastructure that provides a strong operational backbone, turn to Wincore. Our comprehensive managed infrastructure services empower you to reach business goals faster without technology bottlenecks.